Fees and billing arrangements

Solicitors charges in Ireland are calculated by reference to a number factors including the following:

The complexity and urgency of the matter
The difficulty or novelty of the questions raised
The skill, labour, specialised knowledge and responsibility involved
The number and importance of the documents prepared or examined
The amount or value of any transaction involved
The importance of the matter to the client and the time reasonably spent on the work
The place, or places and the circumstances in which the matter is pursued

(simply put, the costs vary according to the nature and extent of the work)

As well as my own fees please remember that there are likely to be expenses paid on your behalf which have to be repaid to me when billed to you. These are items such as stamp duty on documents, commissioners fees, local agents fees and fees payable to expert advisors in cases where I consider it necessary or prudent to instruct them.

If my work is for persons or companies carrying on business in the Republic of Ireland (or if it concerns property in the Republic of Ireland) my fees attract Value Added Tax at the appropriate current rate. This is payable by the client to me for forwarding to the revenue.

Estimating Costs
On receipt of initial instructions I will give you my estimate of the fees which are likely to be incurred for the work to be done. Where the amount of the fee cannot reasonably be estimated in advance I will notify you of the basis upon which you will be charged for the expected work. If, as the work progresses, the matter becomes more complex than allowed for in the original estimate I will let you have revised projections.

Interim Accounts
In cases where work is to be paid for as the matter progresses you will understand that I must reserve the right to cease action if an interim bill remains unpaid.

Litigation Costs
In a litigation situation you have an exposure to costs on the opposing side even if you decide to stop proceedings. Remember that even in a successful case your entitlement to recover a contribution to costs from the losing party depends upon the discretion of the court and the recoverability of the contribution will depend upon the ability of the losing party to pay you.

Couples, Groups and Companies
In a situation where I represent two or more people with a common matter for attention the liability for my bills is a joint and several liability of each person. In cases where I act for a company the instructions are accepted on the basis that the directors of the company personally guarantee the payment of my bills.


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